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I am a housewife and have been for a long time. I love fashion, but I am kind of conservative so I love to see what celebrities are wearing for inspiration. I started this site with the help of a friend who encouraged me to share what I am already doing. I love to search for the items my favorite celebrities are wearing. Sometimes I can afford them, sometimes not even a chance!  
My personal style is not for everyone but you will not catch me out in a crazy outfit. I just can't do it. Even if I have to run out in sweats, the right handbag will make the outfit! And don't think a fake, replica handbag will do. It doesn't. They kind of give me hives. I would rather have one fabulous bag than ten crappy ones.  Save your money and buy the best quality bag you can afford that will last for a long time! 
Anyway I hope you will look at the site and maybe get some ideas from some of the celebrities I post as well as maybe from myself. Email me with any questions!